To Ride A Dead Pony (Digital Album) Digital Albums
To Ride A Dead Pony (Digital Album) Digital Albums

To Ride A Dead Pony (Digital Album)

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Full Album MP3.

Also available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Youtube, and others.

Released in late 2017 - this is a Significant milestone for

Louis Tillett and deserves to be heard by new and old fans

alike. It is an exciting, vibrant album...that tells it's own story.

This Album coiincides with the release of Louis Tillett's
Entire Musical Catalog on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Youtube,
Pandora, Deezer, Tidal and other key platyforms.
This is not a "greatest hits" collection. Innovative artists recording for small, independent record companies do not have conventional hits and even if they did, Louis Tillett does not think of his music in those terms.
This is instead an accumulation of milestones along the path of Louis Tillett's personal musical journey. 

"It has been a twenty year odyssey that has seen Louis wind up with not one but two musical careers. In Europe he is now recognized as a significant singer/song writer, capable of rendering audiences spellbound in rapt attention with just his piano and his voice, while in Australia he has an enviable reputation as a bandleader and catalyst of a succession of inventive and uninhibited groups, equally capable of driving audiences into frenzies of excitement." 

For more extensive Liner notes from John McPharlin go to:

 One of the songs on this album: "Sailor's Dream".....


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